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Opera Neon Browser is a Modern Experimental Concept

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If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, leave them and Install latest design and options offered by Opera. According to Opera official web site, Opera has once again decided to shake things up in the browsing world by launching a new tentative desktop browser for both Windows and Mac. Branded as Opera Neon Browser, it brings modern and minimalistic design with a potential to provide superior functionality.

One thing is apparent from the first run; Neon browser isn’t your regular browser. It has a very different (Ubuntu Like) interface as compared to the regular Google Chrome or Firefox design. The customizable home screen features all your favorite websites as “floating bubbles”. The background is actually your desktop wallpaper; but you won’t the desktop icons.

It re-imagines the browser tabs as bubbles on the right side and you also get the functionality of multi window. So, you load two of your favorite websites side by side. The media control panel lets you manage playback of media content that may be implanted in web pages.

One of the most impressive functions I have observed in this Neon Brower, if you’re reading something important and want to watch a video at the same time, the pop-out can help. You can also crop, snap and save images from the Internet to your gallery tab. All the images will be labeled with its web address so you can return to the source page later.

Presently, Opera Neon Brower doesn’t offer any kind of additions, the minimalistic layout is quite smooth and fun to explore. Although, it might not be the best idea to make it your primary browser as Opera itself calls it “concept” and experimental. You can download it from THIS LINK and see how it suits you.

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