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Xiaomi taps into Pakistan’s smartphone market

Xiaomi, a Chinese gadget maker has tapped into Pakistan’s smartphone market after its home competitors; Oppo and Huawei have made a space in Pakistani industry some years after launch. Pakistan’s largest online shopping store Daraz, officially is Xiaomi’s distribution partner in Pakistan. Rocket Internet’s e-commerce marketplace, Daraz has its presence in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. According to the sources and news, Xiaomi has initially launched only three smartphones in Pakistan and the company is tight-lipped over the rane of smartphones to be made available in Pakistan. Redmi Note 4, […]

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Uber CEO quits Trump’s business advisory group

Uber Technologies Inc Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick quit President Donald Trump’s business advisory group on Thursday amid mounting pressure from activists and employees who oppose the administration’s immigration policies. Critics included Uber drivers, many of whom are immigrants themselves. Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that,” Kalanick, who had planned to attend a meeting of the group on Friday, said in an email to staff that was seen by Reuters. […]

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Opera Neon Browser is a Modern Experimental Concept

If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, leave them and Install latest design and options offered by Opera. According to Opera official web site, Opera has once again decided to shake things up in the browsing world by launching a new tentative desktop browser for both Windows and Mac. Branded as Opera Neon Browser, it brings modern and minimalistic design with a potential to provide superior functionality. One thing is apparent from the first run; Neon browser isn’t your regular browser. It has a very different (Ubuntu Like) […]

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Whatsapp Susceptible To Snooping Says Guardian

According to the Guardian newspaper report published on Friday i.e. the Facebook-owned mobile messaging service WhatsApp is susceptible to capture, sparking concern over an app advertised as putting an importance on privacy. Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 but it continues to operate as a separate app. The Guardian report said that WhatsApp messages could be read without its billion-plus users perceptive due to a security backdoor in the way the company has executed its end-to-end encryption protocol. The system trusts on unique security keys “that are traded and verified between […]

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Three Part time Pakistani Bloggers Arrested by FIA Cyber Crime

Earlier several Pakistani journalists and media personalities have been muzzled and completely blocked for posting their opinion on bringing up offensive topics repeatedly. Unfortunately, three pat time Pakistani bloggers, so far have been asked by the FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad to present themselves before the investigating officer on (Dec 31st, 2016) for posting fake or Photoshop edited images of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif with a PML(N) leader and somewhere I have seen same image with President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain while wrongly attributing him as Justice Saqib […]

Facebook To Launch Live Audio Streaming Option

Facebook To Launch Live Audio Streaming Option

Facebook on Monday began testing a live audio streaming service that will let people basically broadcast radio-style on the leading online social network. Partners working with Facebook to test Live Audio included BBC World Service, book publisher HarperCollins, British talk radio station LBC, and authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett. The new feature comes as an another to a Facebook tool that lets people stream live video at the social network. We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video, Facebook product […]

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Google Removing More Movie Pirate Sites From Its Search Results

Google continues to address the problem of illegal file-sharing by removing more and more movie pirate sites from its search results. Various streaming portals like 123movies and Fmovies both accounting for millions of visitors, extinct from the search results, alongwith the popular converter platform YouTube-MP3. Copyright holders always complain that Google is not doing enough to tackle online piracy and demand more stringent measures, including removing “known” infringing websites from its search results. Despite Google rejecting such requests, a number of prominent pirate services have mysteriously vanished from its search […]

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Samsung will be forcing the users to return the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

SAMSUNG is soon going to roll out an update to the doomed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which will soon make it unusable for the users who still have it. Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest smartphone manufactured head-quartered in South Korea, will be forcing the users to return the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. An update which is scheduled to release after December 19 for the customers in US firstly, will cripple the phablet’s charging capabilities. The roll-out will be completed to the remaining users over an extended time period of 30 […]

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One million Android users infected by enormous malware attack

Almost One million Android users infected by enormous malware attack worldwide says Google. Check Point Technologies a security firm revealed in their blogpost that the attack dubbed Gooligan, steals authentication token to breach data from Google Play, Photo, Drive, Docs and G Suite, Gmail and others. This infection continues to spread among 13,000 devices every day. Instead of snatching personal information, attackers opt to install malicious apps from Google Play to generate profits from ad revenue as part of a fraud scheme that purportedly stacks up to $320,000 monthly. We […]

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Too much smartphone use may lead to poor and less sleep

People who spend Too much smartphone use may lead to poor and less sleep, a new study has warned. Smartphones are increasingly becoming part of everyday life, but questions remain about the effects of frequent use on sleep. Poor sleep is associated with health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and depression, researchers said. Matthew Christensen from the University of California, San Francisco in the US and colleagues sought to test the hypothesis that increased screen-time may be associated with poor sleep by analyzing data from 653 adult individuals across the […]

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Instagram ramped up the pressure on Snapchat

AFP: San Francisco – Facebook-owned Instagram ramped up the pressure on Snapchat on Monday, adding ephemeral live video broadcasts and vanishing direct messages. “Send anything you want, from inside jokes to your worst selfies,” Instagram said in a blog post. Unlike other messages in Direct, these photos and videos disappear from your friends’ inboxes after they have seen them. The updates appeared aimed at getting people to use Instagram more for casual, quirky moments instead of seeing it as a platform for sharing life highlights or polished posts meant to […]

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Tech DONS, Facebook and Google Will Target Fake News Sites

The two tech Dons are going to track fake news websites and kick the swindlers off their ad networks. The move intends to avoid misleading the public from being profitable. Google was first to declare a policy update that would restrict its adverts from being placed on fake news websites. However, it is unclear whether the search giant is able to correctly identify such websites. For example, a few days ago, Google’s top news link for “final election results” led to a fabricated story claiming that Trump had won the […]

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Samsung to launch AI assistant service for Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Sunday it would launch an artificial intelligence digital assistant service for its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, seeking to rebound from the Galaxy Note 7’s collapse and differentiate its devices. The world’s top smartphone maker in October announced the acquisition of Viv Labs Inc, a firm run by a co-creator of Apple Inc’s Siri voice assistant program. Samsung plans to integrate the San Jose-based company’s AI platform, called Viv, into the Galaxy smartphones and expand voice-assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices. Samsung […]

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World’s smallest smartphone Vphone S8 in stores now

Beijing: Another invention, a Chinese company has currently introduced world’s smallest touch screen Smartphone Vphone S8. The previous smallest touch screen phone was this dual-SIM phone with a 2.45-inch display. The Vphone S8 is a device in size of a matchbox and its features include a 1.54-inch TFT touch screen, which is secured with 2.5D curved glass. The housing is covered of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The Vphone S8 comes at dimensions of 46.7 mm x 37.3 mm x 9.9 mm and weighs only 30 grams. Initially, there are just two […]

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Social Media blackmailer arrested in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: According to the ARY news on Monday Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a young boy named Usman a social media blackmailer in Islamabad and also registered a case against an alleged cyber-criminal who used to extort money and valuables from girls by blackmailing them on social media. Usman, a cyber-blackmailer, was arrested by the FIA when a girl carped about blackmailing and coercion. Usman was blackmailing the girl by intimidating to post her pictures online and forced for huge amount of money and jewellery from the victim. The girl, […]

A boy from Karachi arrested in blackmailing case under Cyber Crime Law

A boy from Karachi arrested in blackmailing case under Cyber Crime Law

It seems that something going better in Pakistan regarding blackmailing complaints from social media. Few days before, Federal Investigation Agency in Karachi has registered 1st blackmailing case under the law of Cyber Crime 2016. Before that a man was arrested for blackmailing in Nowshera, which was the first Cyber Crime case since the law was applied. This example shows how the Cyber Crime Law is been used to combat increasing cases of cyber-bullying and blackmail in Pakistan. According to the sources and TV news channel, FIA has arrested a boy […]

PIA warns passengers against carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on plane

PIA warns passengers against carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on plane

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has advised its passengers not to carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during flight in the wake of reports of battery explosions. PIA Spokesperson Danyal Gillani tweeted to inform passengers about the advisory. He also urged passengers not to carry the expensive cell-phone even in their luggage. Couple of days ago, the US Federal Aviation Administration strongly urged passengers not to turn on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft following recent reports of explosions from faulty batteries. The South Korean smartphone maker […]

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Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz gives $20mn to Clinton in US election

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is committing $20 million to help Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party in the upcoming US election. Moskovitz, a Harvard roommate of Mark Zuckerberg who was part of the founding group of the social networking giant, said he and his wife Cari made the decision to pour in millions because “polarization in America today has yielded a race that is about much more than policies and ideas.” The election “has become a referendum on who we want to be as individuals, as a nation and as a […]

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Taiwan’s Airlines has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Taiwan’s two biggest airlines said on Friday they were banning passengers from putting their Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in their checked luggage due to concerns over the phone’s fire-prone batteries. The decisions of China Airlines and EVA Airways come after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said on Thursday it had advised airline passengers not to turn on or charge their Note 7 phones or stow the phones in checked baggage. China Airlines said it also advised passengers not to turn on or charge their phones during […]

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LG Electronics says to finance in robot technology

According to Reuters South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc said on Sunday it will brutally finance in robots, seeking to exploit on advancing artificial intelligence that may ultimately lead to urbane machines performing everyday human tasks. LG, in a statement, said its appliances division is making the firm’s entry into the robotics industry with the aim to develop products that will work closely with home appliances products such as refrigerators, washers and air conditioning units. We will prepare for the future by aggressively investing in smart home, robots and key components […]

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Facebook to challenge US bill for back Taxes

WASHINGTON: The US government is expected to hit Facebook with a bill for between $3 billion and $5 billion in back taxes, the social network has disclosed. Facebook said it would challenge the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assessment in the US Tax Court when it becomes final. The tax bill relates to a previously disclosed review of the pricing of assets Facebook transferred to its Irish subsidiary. In a filing with regulators Thursday, Facebook said it had received a notice this week from the IRS about the review. “While the […]

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Social Networking sites could be banned in Pakistan – PRA

According to the confirmed sources Punjab Revenue Authority has been making struggles to bring top social networking sites in its tax net and had previously issued notices to Facebook, Google, DailyMotion for getting themselves registered in Lahore and pay taxes for the profits they make out of Punjab. Amazingly top social networking sites Facebook has sent a reply to the Punjab Revenue Authority via a letter and said: Registration with the PRA is not applicable to us as we aren’t taxable in the country. We are providing our online services […]

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Download CM Security AppLock and Secure Your Phone

CM Security AppLock is an antivirus lauded for its ease of use. It comes equipped with an excellent anti-malware engine, call blocking features, and a link to Clean Master so that you can wipe unnecessary files from your Android. CM Security Antivirus AppLock offers two types of antivirus analysis: one for apps and system, and another for SD card content. The first type of analysis is very fast and lasts only a few seconds. Scanning the SD card, however, may take more or less time depending on the amount of […]

Facebook successfully tests its first internet drone Aquila

Facebook successfully tests its first internet Drone Aquila

Facebook recently launched its first test flight named Drone Aquila which turned out to be completely successful, thus creating a buzz in the tech world. The drone flew for 96 minutes continuously in an auto-flight over Yuma, Arizona. The think tank of Facebook strives to bring connectivity to billions of people residing in remote areas of the world. Mark Zuckerberg recently informed regarding their pilot run after two years of development but yet major work needs to be done before it becomes operational. As per Mark Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook: […]

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Twitter To Stream US College Sports Matches

San Francisco: Social networking site Twitter on Thursday has announced a deal to stream US College Sports Matches, boosting its live television offerings as it tries to lure more users and revenue. Twitter will be the top streaming partner for PAC-12 Plus, a broadband network of live events produced by the dozen universities in the conference, according to the organization. At least 150 games are to be streamed on Twitter during the coming academic year. Twitter is the fastest way to find out what is happening in live sports, Twitter […]

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Facebook helps find baby lost in Nice attack in France

NICE: With lots of sorrows, we are sharing this sad news i.e. an eight month baby boy lost in the chaos after a truck rammed into a crowd in the French Riviera city of Nice killing at least 84 people was tracked down through Facebook on Friday. Tiava Banner, who said she was not the mother of the baby sent out an appeal on Facebook looking for any information on the locations of the child who had been lost in his blue stroller when the rampaging truck sent hundreds fleeing […]

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YouTube Swamped with Fake Pirate Movies

World’s top video site YouTube is again under pressure from the copyright owners, but this time with a quite surprising claim. The video streaming service is under attack for allowing its users to upload videos Fake Pirate Movies that send latent pirates to scam websites. In recent months, YouTube has become a frontline over the DMCA and the copyright owners’ war with Google. The record labels were the most active complainers, and the MPAA has just added pressure on YouTube, this time by linking to an article published by moviemaker […]

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How YouTube Videos Can Hijack Your Smartphone

NEW YORK: A muffled voice hidden in a YouTube Video can issue commands to a nearby smartphone without you even knowing it, researchers reveal. According to Micah Sherr, professor at Georgetown University, voice recognition has taken off quickly on phones thanks to services like Google Now and Apple’s Siri but voice software can also make it easier to hack devices. It might not work every time but it’s a number’s game. If a million people watch a kitten video with a secret message embedded, 10,000 of them might have their […]

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Using smartphone without room light can give you temporary blindness

I am regular user of smartphone at night in my bedroom which is quite bad habbit. Did you know looking at a smartphone while lying in bed at night can give you Temporary Blindness? In New England Journal of Medicine, doctors detailed the cases of two women who went temporarily blind from constantly checking their phones in the darkness. The women, aged 22 and 40, complained of experiencing temporary blindness for up to 15 minutes. Even after various medical exams, MRI scans, and heart tests, doctors couldn’t find the reason […]

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Google buys French startup that helps machines see

San Francisco – Today, according to the sources internet giant Google has announced a deal to buy Moodstocks, a French Startup behind technology that helps smartphones recognize whatever they are aimed at. Moodstocks caught the US technology giant’s eye for its work in computer vision and machine learning, as well for accomplishments in enabling smartphones or other mobile devices to recognize images and objects. Google is among Silicon Valley titans investing in ways to get computers to see and understand the world around them the way people do. Machine learning […]

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Mobilink and Warid Merger Gets Completed

According to the confirm sources VimpelCom, Global Telecom Holding (GTH), together with Warid Telecom Pakistan and Bank Alfalah (Dhabi Group shareholders), today announced the completion of the deal to merge Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink) and Warid Telecom (Warid), creating Pakistan’s next generation digital telecommunications provider. Over 50 million active customers in Pakistan will benefit from high-speed mobile telecommunications and a best-in-class digital mobile network. The joint Mobilink and Warid entity will be the leading telecommunications provider of 2G, 3G and LTE services in Pakistan, providing higher quality national voice […]

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Beware: Use of Internet Is Dangerous… Be More Cautious

President of organization of business and Doctors Company in Germany DR. WOLFGANG PANTER says when many people use smart phones they are making their necks down in such a position which causes pressure on the neck muscles. He uses the term TEXT NECK TERM for this. He said that to avoid pain in neck and back, some latest techniques are been used to reduce pressure on the body. According to the president of Germans business and Doctors Company, Use of Internet Is Dangerous and if a user is doing his […]

Payoneer Now Allows Withdrawal of Funds to Pakistani Bank Accounts

Payoneer Now Allows Withdrawal of Funds to Pakistani Bank Accounts

Finally, there is good news for freelancers of Pakistan who have Payoneer master card. According to Payoneer, the global payment processing system, has now opened its wire transfer services for banks in Pakistan, with which, anyone with a Payoneer account will be able to transfer funds from their Payoneer account to a local bank account in Pakistan. This is really going to help Pakistani freelancers who face anxiety in charging their foreign clients; especially when PayPal and other popular services don’t work in Pakistan. Lots of Pakistani’s have blocked their […]

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IT Ministry is Establishing 150 Women Empowerment Centers

Ministry of Information Technology is establishing 150 Women Empowerment Centers at Pakistan Bait-ul-mal (PBM) as part of “ICTs for Girls “project. These centers are being equipped with state of the art computer labs and broadband infrastructure. At these centers thousands of young girls from disadvantaged background will be trained by Microsoft led program. The Digital Skills program by Microsoft comprises of 4 Cs including computing, coding, and communication and coaching to increase their employability potential. Under this program first phase of training by Microsoft is completed, through which 100 Master […]

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Microsoft to purchase LinkedIn for big $26.2 Billion

This should be a breaking news that according to the confirm sources Microsoft has announced that company is buying world’s largest professional network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Microsoft will pay $196 per share for the company and the deal is expected to be closed end of this year. Microsoft and LinkedIn Corporation have arrived into a final agreement under which LinkedIn will hold its distinct brand, culture and independence. Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn, reporting to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. The deal is expected to close this […]

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Pakistan awards 4G licence to Telenor for $395 million

Pakistan has awarded a $395 million 4G licence to Telenor largest Norwegian telecom company, as it seeks to capitalize on a wealthy local mobile market some two years since broadband Internet reached in the country. Two years ago in 2014, Pakistan auctioned its first 4G broadband licence to China’s Zong for $210 million, alongwith 3G licenses to Zong, the UAE’s Warid, and Pakistan’s domestic Mobilink. The total elevated in the auction was $1.2 billion. In the first quarter of 2015 smartphone loads to the country ascended by 123 percent, according […]

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Do Software Engineers Get Sufficient Respect?

Science has advanced leaps and bounds. Our world has become a small global village. Now we can talk to our loved ones easily. People living in different parts of the world can see and interact with each other. People are now taking interest in studies related to the field of IT or computers. The scope related to these fields is better than any other. You get an opportunity to learn more and to earn more. There are many people who aim to become software engineers in future. The future of […]

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How to add Bank account for Wire transfer in Google Adsense

There are millions of people around the world who are Making Money Online through Google Adsense and they receive money through Wire transfer which is an electronic funds transfer system. Many of Adsense account holders don’t know how to add their bank accounts to receive funds directly into their bank accounts. Wire transfer is a secure, reliable and fast alternative in receiving payments by cheque. In this post we will share that How to add Bank account for Wire transfer in Google Adsense, kindly follow few steps carefully. If you […]

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EyePlug Device Lets Android Users Record 3D Videos

A new device presented in Taiwan which is proficient of creating the 3D photographs and videos. It is called the EyePlug device and is powered by a USB port, the EyePlug Device can be connected to any Android-based smartphone easily after installing simple Android App. You can adjust it to any angle, and device can use it as a rear camera as well as the front camera. The device is not proficient to creating a fully 360-degree angle video, but you will feel a real 3D style video because of […]

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Social Media Platforms Beat Conventional Media: Report

With technological advancements the world is changing from many phases. We can say that the modes of reaching a news alert have also been changed as with the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. people rarely go and switch on their TV for any news. Everything is online now. If anything happened even at the far away continent, we can get the news by simply refreshing our Facebook and Twitter and the update will be right in front of us. This has been revealed in a latest survey conducted […]

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Social Networking giants agree for EU Hate Speech Rules

Brussels: Social networking giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft signed up Tuesday to a new EU (European Union) code of conduct against hate speech, the European Commission said.The US-based firms have agreed to speed up their replies when illegal material is flagged up, with the aim of looking at all apprehensive material within 24 hours. The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the vital need to address illegal online hate speech, EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said in a statement, referring to attacks in Paris and Brussels claimed by […]

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Charging Smartphone Battery Via PC Causes Security Weakness

When our smartphone battery is about to end, we want to charge it immediately, and for this purpose, we think that the easiest solution is to connect the device to our computer via a USB cable. But, the experts have warned that charging a phone via computer is a very insecure method. According to Kaspersky Labs, an international software security group based in Russia, if you charge, your smartphone battery by connecting it to a PC or Laptop, you are inviting the hackers to install unnecessary software into your device. […]

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Key Tips to Make Money by Online Writing for Blogs

There are many who are earning by sitting at the comfort of their house. Yes, the modern technology has made it possible for people to make money online. People are creating their own blog and making a handsome amount of income. You need to follow few tips for making more money. Online writing for blogs has become simple and easy. First you need to register a good domain for your blog. You need to select a good topic to write on it so you can target more audience. You must […]

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FIA arrests robber for looting ATMs from Lahore

Recently, we have published a story about 100 Hackers Stole $13m From ATMs in Japan and unfortunately ATM and Credit Card frauds are rising in Pakistan speedily. The method of withdrawing the money from a safe method, i.e., ATMs has also become risky to the citizens. Not only the robbers, at gun point, are looting people who withdraw money from ATMs, but more sophisticated crooks make use of technology gadgets for stealing money from the accounts of unlucky people. Recently, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a member of a […]

Japan,hackers,atm machine,capital Tokyo,atm hackers,atm bank cards,Tokyo japan,atm robbery

100 Hackers Stole $13m From ATMs in Japan

According to the sources and latest news from Government officials that Police suspect an international crime syndicate of stealing over $12.7m from ATM machines across Japan amazingly in less than 3 hours, this daring robbery involved thousands of well-coordinated withdrawals. It is supposed that a hundred people, none of whom have been arrested, coordinated the use of fake bank cards carrying account details illegally obtained from a bank in South Africa. Superficially, almost 100 Hackers Stole $13m From ATMs in Japan and used the forged cards at 1,400 convenience store […]

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Solar Impulse plane postpones Ohio departure

Washington (AFP) – A solar-powered plane set to fly from Ohio to Pennsylvania on Tuesday delayed its departure to inspect possible damage due to a mishap, organizers said. The Solar Impulse 2, set to be piloted by Swiss national Bertrand Piccard, was scheduled to fly out of Dayton International Airport and head to Lehigh Valley International Airport near the city of Allentown at 1000 GMT. However problems arose with the fan needed to keep the giant plane s mobile hanger inflated, and while rebooting the system, “some parts of the […]

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Facebook makes changes to avoid political bias

San Francisco: Facebook on Monday said it was making changes aimed at keeping political bias out of its trending stories list even though an internal investigation revealed no evidence it was happening. Our investigation has revealed no evidence of systematic political bias in the selection or prominence of stories included in the Trending Topics feature, Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch said in a letter responding to a query from Republican US Senator John Thune, who chairs the commerce committee. In fact, our analysis indicated that the rates of approval of […]

Demand for Pakistani Applications rises in international market

Demand for Pakistani Apps rises in international market

As we already know that Pakistanis have a lot of skills and the app developers in our country are not less in talent than any international app developer. According to the statistics revealed by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the Pakistani Apps exports have reached the mark of $10 million on a per month basis in the year 2016. With the arrival of modern communication services such as 3G, 4G-LTE, the people, especially young generation in Pakistan are taking a keen interest in designing applications for the smartphones. Their […]

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Apple Chief Tim Cook Unveils App Design Centre In India

Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced Wednesday a new app design centre in India as he kicked off his first visit to the Asian giant seeking to tap into its roll-out of 4G networks. Cook landed in the Indian financial capital Mumbai shortly before midnight on Tuesday by private jet from China, where he made a $1 billion announcement. After an early morning visit to a Hindu temple in Mumbai, Cook announced the US technology behemoth was planning to build the app design facility in the southern city of Bangalore. […]

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Twitter To Free Room For Links And Images

According to the Bloomberg report released on Monday, regarding social networking site Twitter plans to allow people to shoot links or images without eating in the limit set of 140 characters for posts at the one-to-many messaging service. The change could take place later this month, citing someone familiar with the matter. Twitter refused to comment, but the move would come as the company based in San Francisco, it strives to ramp up the number of users, with the number of people are reported to the service. Analysts have argued […]

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WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Will Be Available Soon

World’s top chatting messenger WhatsApp has Introduced Video Calling Feature; which will be available in the next updated version of WhatsApp. Now, in future you will be able to make video calls and communicate with your friends and family through this great feature. You can enjoy WhatsApp calling feature very quickly and more simple instead of other chatting apps and messengers. According to our various sources Mountain View-based Company is working on WhatsApp video calling feature. The video calling, which is not yet functional, can currently be seen only in […]

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Facebook helped a mother to find her lost daughter after 25 years

Ameera Ali was standing at international airport of Denver with awaited eyes set on the passage where passengers of international flights arrive. A moment ago, an announcement was made that the flight coming from Sweden had arrived. The mixture of impatience, longing and joyous feelings could easily be felt within the eyes of this old Swedish lady. Her body language was enough to express here vehement waiting for someone. At last, her waiting came to an end, when she stepped forward on seeing a face. Shortly after, the travelers as […]

LESCO to start Net Metering to make the Lahore load shedding free

LESCO to start Net Metering to make the Lahore load shedding free

It should be good news for the citizens of Lahore, because LESCO to start Net Metering to make the Lahore load shedding free. According to the confirm sources the work has been started on the mega project of the net metering. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has instructed the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) to create the first report of supplying the electricity via solar energy to the consumers. Customers will be able to get the electricity via solar energy during the load shedding. Net metering is a system […]

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Facebook loses first round in suit over storing biometric data

California: Social networking king Facebook lost the 1st round in a court fight against some of its users who sued the social networking company, alleging it – unlawfully collected and stored users’ biometric data derived from their faces in photographs shared on Facebook. The judge presiding over the case in a California federal court on Thursday turned down Facebook’s motion seeking dismissal of the suit. Facebook filed the motion arguing that the users could not file a grievance under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) as they had agreed in […]

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Pakistanis Send More SMS Instead of Voice Calls

According to the latest statistics released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistani mobile users send more text messages than making voice calls. It is because sending an SMS is a fast, easy and cheaper way of communication than the calls and of course there are so many bundle packages that make this mode of communication almost free. Mobile phone users in Pakistan easily buy thousands of messages bundle within hundred rupees on monthly basis. According to the PTA stats for last two years, the number of minutes for the […]

Urdu online dictionary launched by Oxford University Press,Oxford living dictionary,Urdu online dictionary,Oxford University Press,OUP Pakistan,Zehra Nasim Haque

Urdu online dictionary launched by Oxford University Press

The Oxford University Press (OUP) has launched Urdu online dictionary. An official of OUP Pakistan, Zehra Nasim Haque, said here on Thursday. She pointed out that Urdu has become the fourth language to be available in an Oxford living dictionary as part of Oxford Dictionaries’ global languages initiative. Oxford Global Languages (OGL) is a new initiative from Oxford Dictionaries or Oxford University Press which was launched in September 2015. Aiming to build dictionaries and lexicographical resources for around 100 of the world’s languages and to make them available online, or […]

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Pakistan is going to be the next software market?

The speediness with which Pakistan’s 200 million people are embracing the Internet on sub-$50 Chinese 3G smartphones in addition to other factors are markers on which Pakistan’s innovative leaders pin their hopes for the future, hopefully Pakistan is going to be the next software market?. Pakistan isn’t frequently considered one of the world’s information technology powerhouses; its share of global I.T. sales is only $2.8 billion, of which $1.6 billion signifies tech and I.T. services and software exported abroad. This is a tiny percentage of the expected $3.2 trillion global […]

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Huawei focused on IoT, Virtual Reality, And 5G Internet In 2016

Huawei has revealed its vision for 2016 at its Annual Analyst Summit (HAS), Huawei focused on IoT, virtual reality, and 5G Internet in 2016. The Chinese firm was one of the first to begin 5G tests, working with Japanese wireless carrier NTT Docomo last year on field tests. The two other areas hinge on faster internet speeds and more bandwidth, according to Huawei. It claims that LTE Advanced might be enough for artificial and virtual reality, though an IoT system in every home might require much faster Wi-Fi and cellular […]

RSS Reader apps deliver the latest content straight into your handset

RSS Reader apps deliver the latest content straight into your handset

Stop visiting all your favorite websites on a daily basis. Here is good news for you i.e. now; you can get all the stuff automatically delivered on your smartphone. With Really Simple Syndication (RSS) service, you can get the news as it breaks, straight into your handset! There is a variety of RSS reader apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can copy the URL of any RSS feed and paste it into any of the apps mentioned below to monitor the stories. URL of […]

Google Play Awards coming; Best Apps and Games already revealed

Google Play Awards coming; Best Apps and Games already revealed

Everyone is familiar with the Apple Design Awards which are held annually by the Apple incorporation in honor of the best iOS-based applications. Now, Google is also going to launch similar kind of event for its best Android-based apps. The event is called Google Play Awards. Google Play Awards will launch on 19 May 2016. The awards will feature ten categories with five nominees in each category. Categories in Google Play Awards: Standout Startup Standout Indie Best Families App Best Use of Material Design Best Use of Google Play Game […]

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e2Click Website Owner Arrested And Site Blocked

Nowadays money is needed, but if you want to earn money to complete your dreams, you have to struggle and work hard. But unluckily, nowadays people are in search of shortcuts like Bollywood movies hero. They search on the internet for earning money from home by simply clicking some links, which is called online fraud. For your kind information, there is no such thing that actually pays you money just by clicking. If such a technique existed, most of the internet users would be billionaires. Now, let’s come to the […]

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URL Shorteners Can Expose You To Security Weakness: Experts

Do you think long URLs look very chaotic and old fashioned? Do you have the habit of using URL shorteners? Well, you have to stop right now, because according to a new study by computer scientists and technology experts that URL Shorteners Can Expose You To Security Weakness. American computer scientists Vitaly Shmatikov and Martin Georgiev carried out a research of eighteen months on the URL shortening techniques used by Microsoft in its OneDrive Storage and Google in its Maps service. The results were disgusting. Microsoft Bitly’s URL shortening services […]

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Google is expected to launch Android N with Virtual features

Virtual Reality devices started getting popular since large electronics companies like LG and Samsung started taking awareness in them. In the Mobile World Congress 2016, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also appreciated Virtual Reality technology and said that Facebook will also build a platform specifically for this kind of devices. As all the vast companies are now focusing on adopting this technology, Google is also doing its energies to add many features for the VR lovers in the upcoming version of its famous operating system. There is an option called […]

ChatSim SIM Card Lets You Chat From Anywhere In The World

ChatSim SIM Card Lets You Chat From Anywhere In The World

ChatSim SIM is a new innovatory SIM card, which makes it easier for the people to chat from anywhere in the world without worrying about the coverage of the network. This SIM card works in more than 150 countries with Pakistan. The idea behind the creation of ChatSim is to keep people connected with their loved ones while they are traveling. This SIM card works on almost all popular instant messaging apps. How does ChatSim work? The working of the ChatSim SIM is similar to that of a roaming SIM […]

Here is how you can share Dropbox files on Facebook Messenger without leaving chat

How to share Dropbox files on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now supports sharing the files instantly from Dropbox account. Without exiting the Messenger app, you can now share files from Dropbox to your Facebook friends. The new feature is available on the latest upgrade of the Messenger app for both the Android and iOS-based smartphones. As people are moving towards online file storage services, the way how people share files is also changing. People now need messaging apps that allow them to share anything from their cloud storage without having to leave the chat. Facebook is aware of […]

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Whatsapp Opens Jobs For Customer Support In Pakistan

World’s top messaging application Whatsapp opens jobs for customer support in Pakistan. According to the confirmed sources Whatsapp is looking customer support professionals who can deal with WhatsApp user’s issues both in English and Urdu language. The online customer support jobs are mostly targeting the support for Pakistani Region, predominantly the Urdu language, which is becoming a beneficial market for Whatsapp. The mobile app is already serving approximately one billion active users worldwide, and a big part of user base comes from the Asian countries including India and Pakistan. ELIGIBILITY […]